Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Random Gulfstream photo #18

Have just received this pic taken at Fort Bragg NC on 21st March 1989 of G3 (C-20E) 87-0139 (497) operated by the US Army. It shows Senator Ted Kennedy deplaning and the welcoming group includes his nephew Joseph (amended). They were there to attend a DELTA briefing before heading to Washington for the inauguration of Dick Cheney as the new Secretary of Defense. Many thanks to MSG Dennis J Wilkins for the info and of course the picture. This G3 and sister ship 70140 were the last 2 off the production line. Both are now wfu at Davis Monthan.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Round-up 18/7

Starting today's report with an interesting change of registration. G450 N178SD (4111) was cancelled to Egypt on the 10th. Possibly for the Government? G550 N553GD (5553) was cancelled to Taiwan on the 13th. Awaiting to hear new reg. New G650 G-LLWW did a training flight on the 15th visiting Exeter, Jersey, Biggin Hill and ending up at Bournemouth. The latest G280 ferry flight saw N824GA (2124) arriving at Stansted on the 16th and continuing to Halifax on the 17th. Might add this type to the delivery list soon.
G280 N824GA arriving at Stansted by John Lythgoe

Friday, 14 July 2017

5th UK G650 arrives

G650 G-LLWW (6253) arrived at Stansted just before 0700 this morning from Savannah via Portsmouth (PSM) on delivery. This is the 5th G650 on the UK register although 2 have since been cancelled. Will try and post a picture as soon as I can but is likely to look like the G550 below which it is believed to be replacing.
VP-BLW (5129) at Luton in 2010
Update: Seems the scheme is nothing like the G550 and has wavy lines so looking forward to seeing it.
Caught at Exeter on the 15th by "Ian" aka Shamu28

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Round-up 11/7

A fairly quiet period but might have been better if it had been even quieter. The main news is the loss of G3 YV2896 (469) which crashed in to the sea off the coast of Venezuela on the 4th killing all 9 on board. See report Originally delivered in December 1986 to it's first owner in Jordan as JY-HZH. See pic below. The only other item of interest was G550 N562GA (5562) ferrying to Appleton on the 10th as GLF48 for completion.
G3 469 at Zurich in 1988 by Rolf Wallner

Monday, 10 July 2017

Random Gulfstream photo #17

George Lucas' G550 N138GL (5476) arrived at Farnborough this morning from Perugia in Italy. It was captured by Westleigh Bushell. Certainly a distinctive colour.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Recent first visits

There has been a spate of new G650s arriving in London recently. I've been chasing a few myself lately and my results can be found in my new Flickr account. I'm not the only one and I believe these shots are worth displaying. N464GR (6232) arrived at Farnborough yesterday from Paris and was caught by Eric Denison. N426GA (6233) arrived at Biggin Hill yesterday from Fort Lauderdale and was caught by Westleigh Bushell. Consecutive frames too. Many thanks to both for sharing.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Round-up 4/7

A fairly quiet week considering it was the end of the quarter. Unusually, there were 2 G650 greenies ferried from Savannah to Long Beach for completion. N282GA (6282) flew as GLF94 on the 28th and N281GA (6281) flew as GLF22 on the 30th. G650 N426GA (6233) was delivered to Fort Lauderdale on the 3rd following a period of storage after the original customer cancelled the order. This is due in Biggin Hill tonight. The latest G280 ferry flight from Tel Aviv to Dallas arrived at Stansted on the 3rd. This being N923GA (2123) which is due out again today. Plenty on the net about an order by Australia for up to 5 G550AEWs. The reports use the word "possible" so not sure if this is a firm order. See Nearer home, the last of 4 Kuwaiti G650s to visit Luton arrived on the 3rd.
N282GA (6282) arriving at Long Beach by Michael Carter

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Round-up 27/6

The 21st was a busy day with G650 N666FH (6249) being delivered from Savannah to Aarhus in Denmark. It then continued to Beijing on the 23rd. G650 N650AJ was delivered from Savannah to Long Island (ISP). G600 N740GD (73004) made it's 1st flight to become the 4th of this model to fly. See pic below. The Polish AF G550 0001 (5547) arrived at Warsaw on delivery to be met by a water cannon salute. Lots of pics and videos on the net but this was my favourite. Youtube Video G650 M-VITB (6250) arrived at Bournemouth-Hurn on delivery on the 24th to replace M-VITA. Finally, it looks like G650 N766GA (6166) which was delivered in March 2016 and put up for sale has gone in to service as this appears to be operating EJM949 from Oakland to Luton as I type.
picture via GAC

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Another stunning Nike scheme

Have just been sent this picture of G550 N3546 (5421) at Long Beach today by Michael Carter.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Round-up 20/6

G650 N1875A (6248) was delivered from Savannah to Morristown (MMU) via Windsor Locks (BDL) on the 15th. G650 N626GA (6226) flew from Savannah to Los Angeles on the 16th. It then did a 2 hour flight returning to LAX before heading back to SAV. This has N500SA reserved so may be close to final delivery. G550 N547GA (5547) left Appleton for Bermuda on the 18th. See pic below. Was then cancelled to Poland on the 19th. G280 N33M (2122) ferried to the States via Stansted on the 18th/19th. Unusual for a greenie to carry the final registration.

As an aside, it may have been noticed that my Flickr account hasn't been updated in a while. I've now had to set up a new account and can be found under Gulfstreamchaser. Once I get some Gulfy pics on there, I'll put a link under my Welcome message.
picture via the Facebook page of the Polish Air Force

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Round-up 14/6

A gathering together of snippets that alone don't warrant a complete post.

The last G150 has recently been delivered. N126GA (326) was cancelled to San Marino on the 12th. Understand that G650 N277FL (6159) has become B-3277 but would like to see a picture to be sure. The latest edition of Aviation Letter reports a sighting of G650 B-3288 at Savannah last month. "Painted all over black and red". Sounds nice.  G650 N595TG (6246) became the latest delivery when it departed Long Beach yesterday for Detroit via Portland. G650 D-AYSM (6146) has joined the Maltese register as 9H-DTY. Will try and make this a weekly post but could depend on how my health holds up.
Seen at Malta today by Marc Clayton

Friday, 9 June 2017

Random Gulfstream video #1

I came across this video on YouTube recently and thought I just had to share it here. Would anyone out there like me to do more of these? It will only be now and then if I do and they'll just be the ones that make me go "Wow!" Any feedback welcome.